Imagine you scratching your body and it starts to bleed. Not kool right?

OK!  Blood is red!
Red is danger.

Bleeding while brushing is a common complaint. Let’s clarify this, it is not normal for you to bleed while brushing; not at all.

If you bleed while brushing, one of the following is the reason:

1.      Trauma from toothbrush: Using toothbrush with hard-textured bristle is the main cause.

                                               This type of toothbrush injures the gum causing it to bleed.

                                                 YES! It’s that simple.


2.      Plaque and calculus accumulation: You wondering how? It’s like this

Calculus attaches to the teeth and causes inflammation (redness) of the gum. When a site is inflamed, even the slightest touch causes it to bleed. it over time affects the supporting teeth structures as well.



3.      Wrong tooth brushing technique: Over-zealous tooth brushing definitely injures the gum.

                                                             There is no gutter in the mouth, no need to scrub so hard.


4.      Gum bleeding associated with systemic changes: Vitamin C deficiency

    Some blood disorders


5.      Malignancy: Leukaemias (acute or chronic)


Other causes include: Prolong use of oral contraceptives



                                         Menstrual cycle

                                         More like hormonal changes.


These are the most common causes. No big medical names because I wouldn’t want to bore you.

As usual, both comments and questions are welcome.