Now that we know the causes of mouth odour,lets get rid of it. If you are just joining us, we have discussed the causes of mouth odour in the previous post.

In getting rid of this embarrassment,Identify the cause. This is the most important step in getting rid of it. Once you know the cause, the solution is easy.

Based on the causes in the the previous post, this is how to treat :


– During fasting, try and engage in conversations or simply sing. This will reduce the intensity of mouth odour. The air in the mouth will not be stale. – Following when you wake up in the morning, simply brush your teeth and tongue. -It is better to eat garlic and onions cooked than eating it raw. If eaten raw, brush your teeth after.




A) Plaque and calculus accumulation

         -visit your dentist for scaling and polishing of your teeth (cleaning). Toothbrush    
           alone cannot remove the dirt.

         -regular flossing.

         -use of mouthrinse following toothbrushing. Note that mouthrinse should              not replace tooth brushing.

B) Get rid of coated tongue by making conscious effort to clean your  tongue while  brushing


C) Hole in the teeth should be reviewed by the dentist in order to give it a definitive management. Do not poke the hole with toothpick, it will only get worse.

D) Mouth ulcer and abscess must be reviewed by the dentist for proper diagnosis and management.

E) Patient using prosthesis like dentures or patients on braces should ensure proper oral hygienes and follow all the instructions given to you by your dentist.

– Clean your teeth twice a day. In the morning and last thing at night

– Regular intake of water. Yes! water has something to do with the mouth.

– Floss regularly, we’ll discuss the importance later in another post.

– Sugarless gums are good for the teeth. Feel free to chew.

– Smile always.

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