How to brush efficiently to prevent early loss of teeth.

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Everything takes time. It only takes time to lose your teeth if you are not brushing well. This is not to scare you in anyway.

 So let’s see if you are brushing well. If you are, you will know and if you are not, oh well! The tooth fairy will be excited to have a fruitful harvest..…

First, note that your mouth has to be opened while brushing. Place your toothbrush at 45 degrees between your teeth and the gum (picture above). Then make a downward motion (like you are sweeping)

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Do this for the outer surface of the teeth in the upper jaw,then move on to the inner surface.
‘sweep’ the inner surfaces as well using same motion. 


You can do it this way as well.
Then you move on and brush the chewing surfaces.

For the teeth in the lower jaw, you will do the same thing.

Brush the chewing surfaces as well.

This is basically what toothbrushing entails. As you can see, its not hard.
Take your time to do it. If you spend less than two minutes in brushing, you haven’t brushed well.

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