It’s no longer news that there is an outbreak of novel (new) coronavirus which was first identified in Wuhan, China on 31 December 2019. Unfortunately, it has affected over 24,500 people in china. However, there has been cases of recovery, which is good news. The current mortality is 2% which is lesser in comparison to SARS.

Few facts abouts the virus according to WHO and CDC

It is important to protect yourself at this period. Wash your hands, protect others from getting sick once you have flu symptoms, practice safe hygiene measures, wear protective clothing and avoid travelling if you can.

However, it is important that you avoid certain myths or misconceptions. Below are pictorial representation of myth-busters from WHO.

 It’s safe to order from Alibaba and Aliexpress. I know people have been scared.

 Has this virus affected you in any way? Do you think enough is being done to curtail this outbreak? Kindly leave your comment.

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