The Naija Dentist.

I know that people hate visiting the dentist. I apologise on behalf of every dentist.  Majority have anxiety and avoid such visits at all cost even routine check ups.

Reasons why you should visit the Dentist regularly?

Prevent Tooth loss

Prevention is still better than cure. Visiting your dentist regularly will enable early detection of any dental issue. This  makes it possible for the issue to be treated before it progresses. This will help you avoid the “horrible” dental pain.

Overall Maintenance

Previous procedures done like fillings or appliances given can be assessed. Dental procedures can wear out over time. This assessment will help the dentist decide if there is a need to redo the procedure before it causes any problem.

Treatment and prevention of other common dental problems

Routine visit can help with prevention or even treatment of common dental conditions that are often ignored. These are usually indicators of further health complications to come. These include bleeding gums, bad breath, periodontal problems e.t.c. Not all dental visits will cause you pain.

The mouth is the entrance to your body. I like to call it “the door”. Therefore, a healthy mouth reflects an healthy you.  Visit your dentist today and it might just be me.

Nice Dentists.

The Naija Dentist