It’s as simple as it sounds. Self love means loving yourself and showing yourself love.

The social media has the ideology that self love is only when you spend money on yourself. so majority go shopping or take nice pictures and tag it self love. self love is not wearing good makeup, buying a new car  or being in a relationship. No! it is absolutely not.

Let me ask you a question, when last did you give yourself a compliment?. That’s not the only thing self love is all about but it’s a start. Just look at yourself in the mirror and say to your image ”welldone, you are doing a good job”.or something really nice and mean it. Now that’s a start.

Self love is not just about feeling good, but rather an appreciation of yourself through actions that has an effect on your overall well being. I love this popular saying ” you can’t give what you don’t have” If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love someone else, it’s that simple.

There are several ways to love yourself, for example Being intentional and mindful, practising self care habits like exercising, sufficient sleep e.t.c The aspect of self-love that resonates with me the most  is learning to say NO (creating boundaries) and forgiving yourself. I am opined that these two are the most difficult to practise but totally do-able. You just have to be intentional.

Someone who is not you might see it as selfishness but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is worth your peace of mind.

What is self-love to you? Kindly leave a comment,

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