Day 2 to 8 of 90 [Update]

When I mentioned that I will be logging daily progress on this my 90 days transformation for accountability, I never knew how hard it was going to be. I have so much on my plate, so sorry guys I guess weekly upload will have to suffice.

I have so far been diligent. Except yesterday evening, I ate late and it was Nandos chicken and the corn. But we move. Interestingly, I’m a member of this fitness group by coach Weyinmi  and we just started a 30 days challenge and I could not be happier because it aligns with my current goal.

I hope to do better with meal prep this week. Some of the food I’ve been eating include egusi (oil-free) and oat swallow, boiled plantain and egg, loads of vegetables, strawberries and grapes, yoghurt. Just to let you know I haven’t been feeding on air and hot water 

This will always make a come back!

I’m excited about the new week. Let’s go week 2!