Day 1 of 90 – I am making a change.

I looked at myself in the mirror the other day and I just couldn’t understand why my belly and love handle refuse to comply to my plan. Well, I kind of know why!

If I am been 100% honest with myself, I know I have a terrible eating habit.! There! I said it.

Hi, my name is Bukonla and I have a bad eating habit. I know I need a change and that’s what I am going for. I will be holding myself accountable for the next 90 days and I intend to blog about it everyday.

Are you wondering if my overall goal is weight loss? Well, No! It is not. My aim is discipline. Over the next 90 days, I want to develop a new relationship with food and I am certain weight loss will follow. 

Here’s my plan:

1. To eat three meals daily and also snack in caloric deficit

2. Reduce oil and refined sugar ( i saw a slice of cake from cake box in the fridge today, big temptation.! Devil is a later)

3. Maintain my exercise 

4. Blog daily to keep myself accountable. Therefore, this posts will monitor my progress. Although today is actually day 2 but I’m just blogging about day 1. That’s okay though, we move!

5 I’ll also try to show you some of my meals. For yesterday Day 1, I had the yummy meals in the picture.  

Spot my baby’s hand.
I had only  breakfast and lunch but I promise to do better.I also promise more details. I have no clue what I way you know. 
Tomorrow is another day and I will do better. Cheers to Day 1